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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s fundamental purpose is to preserve for the posteritythe unsurpassed and indisputable beauty of Indian Culture, art and heritage.

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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s fundamental purpose is to preserve for the posterity, the unsurpassed and indisputable beauty of Indian Culture, art and heritage. With characteristic elements of insurmountable grace and magnificence as has been in the past, the sheen has fallen back in the current age. With besetting elements aiming to decimate the entrenched grandeur that has gone into hiding, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan seeks to revive and revamp this rather discomfiting atmosphere.

Although the current day has borne witness to the calamitous erosion of the glorious past, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s concerted efforts have been commendably successful in reversing the effects of the largely inglorious present. Society has definitely become impervious to the systemic corrosion of traditional values but again, Baharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s pursuit in revitalizing the vitiated environment have certainly gratified the present day Indian mind that venerates traditional heritage and culture.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, UK

Established in the year 1938 in Mumbai, the Bhavan operates over a 100 centers in India. The UK Bhavan is particularly worth reckoning, mainly because it is the first overseas branch and is also the largest overseas branch.

The Bhavan is open to all, warding off inciting elements such as race, religion, caste etc. A fully articulated equal opportunities policy guarantees the rest. The teachings imparted at the Bhavan’s centers are closely related to the teachings professed by Mahatma Gandhi. Core principles of non-violence and regard for human values form the crux of the Bhavan’s philosophy.Symptomatic of its concerted pursuit is the Bhavan’s policy: It is a non-political organization dedicated to forging outstanding individuals who are nurtured to brave harsh realities of the current era.

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VACANCY - The Bhavan wishes to appoint a KATHAK TEACHER

Salary and hours of teaching negotiable in the region of £20,000 pro rata.

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Open Day at The Bhavan 2017

The Bhavan's 32nd Summer School

Kuchipudi Dance Classes come to the Bhavan

Arunima Kumar is an award winning Kuchipudi performer, choreographer and teacher based in London.

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2016..Our Year in Review

Yoga at The Bhavan

Autumn Yoga Classes resume after 9 Sept, 2017.

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Hire a Facility

Facility Hire


The Bhavan features gorgeous facilities for hire including a beautif...

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Elite Performers at The Bhavan

Elite Performers at Bhavan


The Bhavan endeavors to pass on the baton of richness and beauty of ...

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