MP Birla Art gallery

Inaugurated on 13th June 2002 by the Right Honorable Tessa Jowell MP, Chairman of the Millennium Commission, the MP BIRLA Millennium Art Gallery boasts a perfectly ventilated, spacious and attractive room beautified by the stylish windows, one of which leads to the decked terrace.

The comprehensive Art Gallery can be hired by a variety of Artists and Promoters who wish to promote their masterpieces. From Paintings and Prints to Sculptures and installations, everything can be accommodated in the wide area of the Art Gallery.

The Bhavan deems it as part of its own initiative to promote artists from diverse origins, artists whose aim is to spread the beauty and unsurpassed magnificence of contemporary Art. By thoroughly supporting Workshops and Talks, The Bhavan helps to raise awareness and further the appreciation of contemporary Art.

  • * The Art Gallery is 140 square meters in size with wall space adding up to 40 meters by 2.6 meters.
  • * The fully equipped, lustrous gallery boasts a large storage room apart from other things.
  • * The hiring fee is as follows: £100 for weekdays, £175 for weekends and £750 for the entire week. (( Please contact for detailed hire form and conditions))
  • * Every event that takes place in the Gallery will be precisely published and advertized in The Bhavan’s monthly Newsletter.
  • * The Bhavan declines to provide invigilation throughout the duration of an event. Artists are required to take care of this part of the story and assure the authorities of the presence of a person during the period for which the art gallery remains open.
  • * The Bhavan has no individual insurance for art work displayed at the gallery. This must be organized by the artist if he or she wishes to do so.
  • * The opening hours of the gallery are from 11am to 7pm every day.