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Timings: 27 - 28 May 7 Pm


27 th May UK premiere of Kalmrigaya- the Fatal Hunt

28th May UK premiere of Khokababur Protyaborton and MAYAR KHELA

TThe Dance-Drama “Kal Mrigaya” is based on a story from the epic ‘RAMAYANA’ where Dasharatha, the valiant King and an archer of repute was on a hunting spree with his band of kingsmen. One blind Sage Rishi feels thirsty and asks his young son (Rishi Kumar) to bring him water. But a sudden clap of thunder changes his mind. Rishi Kumar tells his father not to worry. The river is only a short distance away, and he will return soon. In the flashing violence of the monsoon and the dark distress of the creatures, Rishi Kumar is lost.

The Forest Gods and Goddesses beseech him to turn back but he presses on to fetch water for his father. King Dasharath, the valiant king and his hunters comb the forest, massacring all animals in their path. The King chasing a young elephant which eluded him in thick forest arriving by the river, he hears drinking. He shoots in the direction of the sound killing Rishi Kumar. With his dying breath, Rishi begs Dasharath to carry him back to his father. In his hut, the Sage and a young girl Lila waiting anxiously.

The remorseful Dasharath enters bearing the body of Rishi Kumar. He breaks the news to the Sage that he has unwittingly killed his son.

Devastated, the Sage curses the King and even though Dasharath begs for the Sage’s forgiveness, which the Sage give him at last, the curse lives on in the Ramayana. The world is now facing a big challenge due to Social, Political, Economic instability. Some countries and their people have involved violence with each other which not only increasing poverty but also many people including children are being killed. This violence needs to be end for the benefit of the whole nation and for the entire world.


Written by Tagore in 1888, the play talks about the great mayajaal — a web of deception, illusion, dreams, magic and in some unfortunate cases, lies. The idea of the play suggests that these great webs are not spun by humans but by a certain group of fairies, who claim to have control over the human psyche. The thought is deep, yet the play proceeds to stage a simple but heart-wrenching love triangle.

Although Mayar Khela had no intimate scenes nor were any scantily-clad actors involved, it was considered an "adult drama". He wrote the play to oblige a special request by Sarala Roy, a member of Sakhi Samiti, a ladies theosophical society involved with social work and performing arts. "The play was a first-of-its-kind, not because of an out-of-the-ordinary script or an amazing set of songs to stir your soul, but because it was an all-women play. From the actors — even the male roles were played by women — to the all-female audience who watched the show with a sense of independence, empowerment and joy, the play was a revolution.

The play unfolds the story of Amar, Pramoda and Shanta. While Shanta has already submitted her heart to Amar, her charms do not entice him. Amar then sets out on a journey in search of a perfect soulmate. He meets Pramoda, who rejects two men and does not have any emotions of love, but entices Amar with her beauty. While playing with his feelings, Pramoda loses her heart in the game. But Amar takes his broken heart to Shanta and confesses his mistake of not noticing her love earlier. Just as Shanta and Amar are ready to exchange garlands, Pramoda enters the scene. After a series of songs about love, heartbreak, misconceptions, apologies and reunion, Shanta and Amar tie the knot while Pramoda disperses with her desolate heart. The Dream Maidens through a maze of musical mirrors control our fates in this complex hide and seek of love and paradise finally lost.

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