Hindustani Music with Pt Partha Bose (Sitar) and Pt Rajkumar Misra (Tabla)


Pandit Ravi Shankar Memorial Music Festival

Hindustani Music with Hemang Mehta (Hindustani Vocal) and Pt Rajkumar Misra (Tabla)


Timings:Sunday, 3 June, 6 pm

Tickets:£10, £7.50

Pandit Ravi Shankar, KBE was one of the best-known proponents of sitar in the 20th century and influenced many musicians throughout the world. This concert is a part of a two-day celebration honouring his memory with hindustani music.

Hemang Mehta excels in the high watermarks of Mewati Gharana such as ‘meend, layakari, kan-gayaki’ and bandish presentation. Having received intense training from his Guru Sri Chandrashekhar Swamy under the strict guidance of Pandit Jasrajji, he has performed widely across the world.

Accompanied by Pandit Rajkumar Misra, a versatile and prolific tabla player, from an illustrious family of some of India's most distinguished musicians and dancers. A resident teacher at The Bhavan, he belongs to the Jaipur and Farukhabad Gharana.

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