Other Facilities

Besides the already listed facilities made available for hire, The Bhavan comprises many other amenities such as guest rooms and classrooms that can be hired.

Dance Studios:

The Bhavan comprises two full-fledged, state of the art dance studios that are spacious and well lit. The studios can be hired for practice. Numerous artists have made use of The Bhavan’s dance studios for their respective necessities.


The Bhavan, being an educational institution, comprises numerous classrooms of varied sizes. The Classrooms remain occupied during evenings on weekdays and all day during weekends. At other times, they are made available for appropriate use.


The Meghraj library, a comprehensive library is under reorientation with books being catalogued for reference purpose. The Bhavan precludes borrowing of books from its library. The Meghraj library is the perfect premise for students to gain access to a wide range of books besides the tranquil environment in the offering.


A large kitchen and an abutting canteen are part of The Bhavan’s focus to provide hygienic dining to its students and event organizers. The Canteen can be used to prepare food during the time of exhibitions and events. During weekends, the canteen makes available to its students both lunch and snacks.

The Bhavan strictly prohibits the preparation of meat, consumption of alcohol and smoking in the premises.

During term-time, the canteen provides its students with delectable food at affordable rates. This is during weekends.

Guest Rooms:

(Mainly for Performing artistes and for guests from India on availability)

The Bhavan is equipped with four highly comfortable guest rooms that perfectly fit the buck. The addition of Guest Rooms entailed the completion of the Millennium extension. Three of the four guest rooms are en suite, fitted with state of the art toilets and shower facilities. The fourth room is specifically built to espouse disabled people and help them adapt effortlessly.

The Bhavan’s Guest Rooms are available for outside booking at, as already mentioned, amicable rates and tariffs for rooms are inclusive of room charges, service charges and a complimentary continental breakfast.