An Art History of the Indian Sub-Continent

By Padma Shri Dr. John R. Marr and Mrs. Wendy A.P. Marr.

Thursday evenings 6-8pm

This slide lecture series of 24 lectures (6 independant modules) gives a historical overview of the archaeology, art and architectural practices in the Indian Sub-continent from c.3000BC to the days of the British Raj in the 1900s

Module I

Beginnings - Earliest External Contacts

6 - 27 October, 2016

Enrol by September 22, 2016


some concepts; architectural terms

The Harappan or Indus Valley culture: cities, seals and script

The imperial Mauryas; rock-cut ‘architecture’ - beginnings

Gandhara: pilgrimage and silk routes the Indo-Greeks

Module II

Rock - Cut Architecture - Prototypic Temples

3 November - 1 December, 2016

Enrol by October 6, 2016

Rock-cut ‘architecture’: Buddhist: – the Stupa

The gorge of the Indus: Hindu and Jain Pilgrimage and silk routes

Film: John Seeley at Ellora

The Chalukya-s in the Deccan

The South: Pallava rock-cut ‘architecture’ and temples

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Fees: £50 per Module

50% concession for Dip/PDip Bhavan students

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Karnatic Music Theory

Course description: The 5-year Karnatic Music Theory course has been developed in close association with the 5-year practical course taught by our Karnatic Vocal and Vina Teacher, Smt Sivasakti Sivanesan. The first 2 years develope notions of scale, pitch, interval, notation and rag-identification. In the 2nd year, composers such as Tyagara and Rasa are studied. The Natya Sastra, together with further ragas and composers comprise the 3rd year which also includes Melakarta scalar classification. The 4th and 5th advanced years include the development of the raga concept, detailed examination of Bharata's text on classical music, mode and interval.

Edgware Outreach Classes

As well as a full range of classes at our centre in Kensington, The Bhavan also conducts outreach classes at the Sangam Centre in Edgware during term time. The subjects taught are

Music: Hindustani Vocal and Tabla

Dance: Bharatnatyam, Kathak

For more information please contact: Sangam Centre, 210 Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware HA8 0AP. Call 020 8952 7062

Discounts on course fees may be considered for senior citizens/unemployed/those with disabilities.

Techniques of Indian Miniature Paintings, by Ramu Ramdev

Timings Monday 25th July - Friday July 29th, 2016. 11:00pm - 5:00pm

Master Miniature Painter Ramu Ramdev will be visiting The Bhavan for the Fourth time, to share his skills with students keen to learn techniques of Traditional Indian Miniature Painting in five day workshop. Fees include the use of all painting material. An Exhibition of the Finest work of Master painter Ramu Ramdev and his brothers, Govind Ramdev, Shyamu Ramdev & Hemant Ramdev will be on show during the workshop.

Previous students are welcome to bring in their framed artwork for exhibition.

Fees: £150, £125 (under18)

Registration Email: curator@bhavan.net

Hindustani Music - History, Theory and Practice: A series of 10 Lectures by Dr.Jameela Siddiqi

Timings: TBA

Fees: £150 for complete course, £20 individual lectures ( £100 for Bhavan's existing students)

Venue: The Bhavan Centre

E: curator@bhavan.net

T: 02073813086/4608

Course Description: This is designed as a general interest course for enthusiasts of North Indian Classical music and could also prove very useful for Indian music students in terms of furnishing more background on the history, theory and practice of this ancient Indian art. The lectures will cover origins and evolution as well as examining Hindustani classical music’s journey within India and beyond – from temples to Royal Courts to the public arena and, finally, on international concert stages around the world.

Dr.Jameela Siddiqi: An award-winning journalist and broadcaster, Siddiqi is also a lecturer in North Indian Classical Music and a former Degree Manager for The Bhavan & Trinity-Laban’s BMus(Hons) degree course in Indian Classical Music. She has written extensively on all aspects of Indian music and dance as well as translating Hindi and Urdu poetry and is the author of two novels.

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