Part Time

The Bhavan has a good number of visiting faculty members who deal with specific areas of training. These visiting members are skilled performers by themselves and most of them are world renowned artists. Their experience and unmatched prowess has instilled in students a sense of ambition and a zeal for excellence.

* Dr John Marr

* Mrs Wendy Marr

* Dr M N Nandakumara

* Dr Satyanarayana Shastry

* Mr Babu Ram

* Mr Clive Bell

* Mr Pitchaippa Gnanavarathan

* Mrs Parvati Nair

* Swapnokalpa

* Mrs Namita Acharya

* Mr Krishen Arora

* Dr Radha Bhatt

* Ms Eva Farmer

* Mrs Shanta Manian

* Mr Ramanbhai Patel

* Suzanne Gribble

* Elaine Morrison

* Subhanu Saxena