Regular Courses

The Bhavan has a well-trained and experienced group of teachers, many of whom are skilled performers. Some of the teachers have been brought over from India because of their special abilities and talents.


Bharatanatyam - Known to be one of the oldest dance forms in India, Bharatanatyam is an enchanting dance form that does its bit in prodigiously captivating viewers.

Vocal Music

Bengali Music - Bangali Music gained immense popularity in tandem with the unmatched brilliance of the renowned Gurudev Tagore. Bengali Music, in its original form, has its roots in the Indian.

Instrumental Music

Hindustani Flute - The magnificence of Indian art and heritage is a direct consequence of various elements coming together and instilling a unique, aesthetic factor.


The teachings imparted at The Bhavan’s centers are closely related to the teachings professed by Mahatma Gandhi. Core principles of non-violence and regard for human values form the crux of The Bhavan’s philosophy.


Drama is recognized as the foremost sub divisions of Indian Culture. Since its nativity, drama has had a substantial influence in forging positive perceptions and propensities among viewers.


Yoga, celebrated as the most potent form of Indian Science of Life, is a constitution of various moves, all of which target growth of the human personality as a whole.