Vocal Music

Bengali Music

Bengali Music gained immense popularity in tandem with the unmatched brilliance of the renowned Gurudev Tagore. Bengali Music, in its original form, has its roots in the Indian state of West Bengal. An enthusing traditional form of Music, Bengali Music is widely acclaimed as amongst the most soothing and fascinating forms of art. Particularly known for its inherent diversity, Bengali Music consists of four forms: Rabindra Sangeet, Raga Pradhan, Nazrul Geeti and others. The emotional and uplifting quotient infused by Bengali Music in its purest form is perhaps second to none.

Qualification: Open, Diploma, Post-diploma.

Hindustani Vocal

One of the most celebrated forms of Indian art, Hindustani Vocal is an ancient Indian classical art form that was, since it first came into being, substantially influenced by Islamic art propensities. Mostly patronized in India’s Northern states, Hindustani Vocal is characterized by variably redundant musical notes. Both Hindu as well as Islamic musicians of the ancient times have contributed immensely to the mellowness of Hindustani Music. It goes without saying that Hindustani Music is associated with rather unsurpassed soothing and assuasive components. Also, this art form impregnates a prodigious devotional and uplifting quotient, making it one of the most widely acclaimed art forms in India and the world. The bewitching ghazals and engaging classical notes make this form of music complete and consummate.

Qualification: Open, Diploma and Post-Diploma

Karnatic Vocal

The Most prominent form of Indian Music, Karnatic Vocal first originated in India and has is today, patronized in many parts of the globe. Karnatic Vocal boasts of being the purest form of Indian Music, uninfluenced by foreign art forms. Karnatic Music has grown tremendously over the years and is seen as one of the most eminent forms of Music in the world. The devotional element, empowering tinge and soothing quotient have allowed Karnatic Vocal to entrench itself in the current league of celebrated art forms. Great composers of the medieval era have contributed a great deal towards its refinement and enrichment.

Qualification: Open, Diploma and Advanced.

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