'Woh Chand Khila'


'Woh Chand Khila' by Pooja Angra and Karan Rana


Timings:Sat 14 April 6 pm


After the grand success of ‘Gaata Rahe Mera Dil’ and ‘Chalte – Chalte’ tour, brother sister duo Pooja Angra and Karan Rana return to Bhavan with their new National Tour ‘Woh Chand Khila’. Woh Chand Khila is an exciting journey tracing the association of moon with the Indian music and poetry. The moon has played an integral role in Indian music in the form of expression of love or as a conduit to express emotions. This unique production showcasing Indian music's ode to the moon will present Indian classical music in a brand new way by blending it with the energy and excitement of Bollywood & Sufi music. Pooja and Karan will be accompanied by London’s leading band Harmony.

Artist’s Website:www.poojaangra.com

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