THE YEAR THAT WAS - The M P Birla Millennium Art Gallery

Darshana Vora

2022 has been a great year for exhibitions. As a
gallery for hire and with occasional curated shows,
we rely on good exhibitions for our visual arts
This year, we had a lot of interest from young curators from the Royal College of Art, London. After a renovation post-pandemic, the gallery’s hanging facilities and dark room for film and video were a perfect space to display challenging artwork in various mediums. We had many curated exhibitions from Asian curators who not
only utilized the gallery in innovative ways, but also showed some very cutting-edge art with themes of Home/Belonging, ecology, technology, and contemporary painting.

Of the few Indian art exhibitions, Ranjit Rongpi from Assam showcased a selection of his drawings and paintings of life in Assam, capturing the lost traditions of local people. The Iraqi Artists Association in the UK had their annual exhibition ‘Witness’ which was very well attended and brought in many new audiences to The Bhavan.

To mark the Bhavan’s Golden Jubilee, I curated 
an exhibition from an open call toWest-London based mid-career artists. The exhibition, titled ‘Relational Dreams’ brought together works of 13 artists in different mediums from painting, photography, video, installation, sound, ceramics, and sculpture. This brought in many new visitors and helped publicize the space to local audiences. Empowering artists by making opportunities for exhibition can be very encouraging for them. When you next visit The Bhavan, you may see that many of our corridors are lined with photographs of performances, dignitary visits and events.

Looking through The Bhavan’s historic 
collection of photographs, audio, and video content, we have selected some that we hope will connect you to the history of the Centre. This Audio-Visual Archive Trail celebrates The Bhavan’s Legacy.We hope that the photographs remind you of memorable times, and you see yourself reflected in your peers, the activities, and events. The smart codes on the captions in many of the photographs link to the actual audio of the performances, so that the walls are truly alive
with History!

Darshana Vora
Gallery Administrator, Archivist, Lead onOutreach
and School visits.