Coronavirus Statement

Following the lifting of all COVID related restrictions on July 19th 2021, The Bhavan is beginning to open up again and we will be rebuilding our progamme of events starting from September 2021.

We look forward to seeing you all again and thank you all for your continued support.

The Bhavan

HastShilp London

24 Sept - 26 Sept

Fri 24 SEP : 3PM TO 7PM
SAT 25 SEP : 11AM TO 7PM
SUN 26 SEP : 11AM TO 4PM
Hastshilp London the collective was founded in 2016 with the aim to bring to the audience of the UK, a well curated collection of high quality handcrafted and ethically sourced wares from India. Each designer seeks to showcase the rich and vast heritage of karigari – craftsmanship, by incorporating in their work the various craft traditions found in India. Some designers work closely with craftsmen and artisans from the Indian subcontinent who in some cases are carrying on traditions that are generations old. Some exhibitors create the generations old arts and crafts themselves. By supporting these artists they hope to ensure that these rich traditions will carry on for a long time to come. The aim of the collective is to not only to sell these beautiful products but also in the process make the customer aware of the journey, the history and the story behind each craft's traditions.
1. Shinjini’s Art - Shinjini Thakur
Instagram - @shinjinisart
Facebook -
2. Eastern Elements - Neha Jain
Instagram - @elementseastern
Facebook -
3. Dimple Design - Dimple Kalla
Instagram - @dimpledesign4u
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4. UltraKriti - Vaishali Sanghal
Instagram - @ultrakriti_chikankari
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IndianRaga Festival

Event - Workshop and Performance
2 Oct 2021
IndianRaga Festival 2021 is a celebration of music and dance and delightful experience for cultural aficionados.
This year’s event will see unique music and dance productions created by UK-based artists who were guided by maestros and award-winning choreographers such as Vamshi Krishna Vishnudas and Sujata Banerjee, MBE along with IndianRaga fellows, Eshani Sathe and Chiinthu Sarvan.
A specially commissioned dance- Samaja Vara, conceptualised and performed by Ashwini Deshpande, Pranita Chaudhary, Anaya Vasudha Bolar, Ami Jayakrishnan will be showcased at the festival.
IndianRaga Festival 2021 will feature career-defining masterclasses by Chitraleka Bolar, Sujata Banerjee and Rekesh Chauhan who are renowned globally for their rich contribution to Indian and Western classical art forms.
For further information, contact IndianRaga London team: / +447789099901

Banyan Tree Exhibition: South Asian Dance in the UK 2000-2020. 

OPENING - 14 Oct 2021, 6 PM
Tue, Oct 14 - Thu, Oct 19th, 8 pm
We warmly invite you to the launch of the Banyan Tree Exhibition: South Asian Dance in the UK 2000-2020. 
The exhibition celebrates the dance artists who have contributed their unique vision to dance, through the lens of Simon Richardson, the chief photographer of Pulse magazine (2002-2017).

The last two decades have witnessed the diffusion of South Asian forms across multiple spaces, and in new ways. The images tell the story of the contemporary makers and performers and those from whom they have inherited the forms.


Sat 23 Oct : 3PM TO 4.15PM (BST)
SAT 30 Oct : 3PM TO 4.15PM (BST)
Dr K. Ramasubramanian is the Institute Chair Professor at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Bombay. He holds a doctorate in theoretical physics, and is the world’s pre-eminent expert on India’s mathematical and astronomical heritage. His books and articles have brought to light the non-trivial mathematics produced by the Kerala school of mathematics in texts such as Ganita-Yukti-Bhasha, Karana-paddhati and Tantra-sangraha. 
He is a recipient of the prestigious presidential award Maharshi Badarayan Vyas Samman (2008), and more recently, has been invited to give a distinguished lecture at the International Congress of Mathematicians (2022) which, for mathematicians, is said to be equivalent to “induction to a hall of fame.” 
The Shankaracharya of the Sringeri Sharada Peetham has also recognised his scholarship in Advaita Vedanta with 
the title “Vidvat Pravara.”
Sat 23 Oct : 3PM TO 4.15PM (BST)

Indian Mathematical Heritage:
 A Broad Overview

Sat 30 Oct : 3PM TO 4.15PM (BST)

Indian Mathematics: What remains to be uncovered?