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Shri Nikhil Rajan, Manager, London Airport, Air India
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Mrs Candida Connolly, Chair of Bhavan’s Education Committee 
The Bhavan celebrated its annual Founder’s Day event on 28th and 29th of January 2023. The weekend proved to be a visual and artistic treat.
Being the largest organisation for Indian classical Arts in the UK, The Bhavan, London, boasts of over 700 students who come to train with our resident teachers over 16 courses across music, dance and languages in a year; and the event showcased the very best in each department.
Students from all Classical dance, music, instrumental and language courses performed on The Bhavan stage and presented their training and talent. The audience was treated to a variety a performances, which gave a glimpse not only into the depth and breadth of Classical Indian Arts, but also the rigorous training that The Bhavan invests in to produce the future torchbearers of our art forms. It was a chance for the public to applaud, appreciate and encourage the students and teachers for their dedication towards their art.
Students also received their certificates for successfully completing their diplomas and post diplomas.
This year’s event also gave a platform to other students training at The Bhavan to share their experiences and speak to the audience. It was refreshing to see people from all ages and all walks of life come together at The Bhavan for learning and immersing in our Classical Arts.
Saturday event began with a Sanskrit prayer by Executive director Dr. Nandakumara, and on Sunday by Mr Raghu Nandakumara.
On Saturday we were honoured with the presence of Shri Nikhil Rajan, Manager, London Airport, Air India as our chief guest who spoke about the importance of inculcating Arts in our lives and its therapeutic effects. He also spoke about the continued support, partnership, and friendship with Air India.
On Sunday, Mrs Candida Connolly, Chair of The Bhavan’s Education Committee was our Chief Guest and spoke briefly about the history of The Bhavan and the important work it has been doing to propagate Indian Arts in the UK, while giving equal importance to quality of training and performances.
Parvati Nair anchored the event on both days. The Vote of thanks was proposed by Anvi Prabhu and Shanti Venkatesh on Saturday and Sunday respectively.
As we continue to celebrate 50 years of being here in London, the Founder’s Day proved a successful start to this year’s calendar.

Photo credits - Felipe Diehl (
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