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For the past one year, The Bhavan, London has been celebrating its Golden Jubilee with a
whole year of specially curated performances, workshops, and events.
As one of the finale events, we hosted a grand two weekend celebration of Indian
classical music featuring the best of instrumentalists and vocalists, and the finale weekend featured Hindustani Vocal by Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar and Karnatic Vocal by P Unnikrishnan.

On Saturday, 25th March, Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar gave a Hindustani vocal recital. Accompanied by Pt. Rajkumar Misra on Tabla and Abhishek G Shinkar on Harmonium.
Abhyankar began with the raga Ahir Bhairav and continued with Charukeshi. The latter part of the recital saw Marathi abhangs and devotional songs, rendered mellifluously. All the compositions were ‘Raga pradhan’ (based on specific ragas), and the singer’s main emphasis was on ‘Guna Bhakti’ (emotional approach to the divine).

On Sunday 25th of March, P Unnikrishnan began his Karnatic vocal recital with ‘Malaya Marutham’ raga and went on to ‘Kalyana Vasantham’ and ‘Mohanam’. His rendition of ‘Ragam tanam pallavi’ and Puranadara Dasa krithi was much loved.
He was accompanied by Sri. Balu Raguraman on violin and Mridangam by Sri M Balachandar, and on Morsing by K Sithambaranathan.

Both the recitals saw a great response from the audience. It proved to be the perfect way to start bringing down the curtain on our yearlong celebrations of our golden jubilee. We have a few more events planned until May 2023, and we hope to see you all The Bhavan.

We are grateful to Sudha Murty for sponsoring the festival. And to Dr. Radha Bhat for sponsoring the recital of Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar.