Jul 23
The Bhavan, London is currently in the middle of its annual Summer School program. It is a three-week intensive in Indian Classical Arts including dance, music, instruments, and
languages with renowned teachers from India and the UK.
As part for the intensive, we also host concerts by all the visiting teachers.
The second weekend of teachers’ performances was on the 29 and 30 of July, with a Kathak recital by Abhay Shankar Mishra and a Bharatanatyam recital by Smt. Srekala Bharath respectively.
The recital on Sat 29 July featured the beautiful upcoming artist Aishwarya Hariram, senior disciple of Abhay ji. She began with an opening invocatory piece on Lord Ganapti,
Saraswati, and to the Supreme God. Her energy and control over the form was evident from the first piece.
Her technical pieces with live accompanists were much appreciated, and she was ably
accompanied by Dhanraj on Tabla, Pt. Vishwaprakash on Harmonium and Abhinav Mishra
on Padanth.
Abhay ji’s presentation began with ‘Rudrashtakam’ - a piece on Shiva.
The pieces that followed with live accompanists – Pt. Rajkumar Misra on Tabla, Pt.
Vishwaprakash on Harmonium, Sri M Balachandar on Mridangam and Smt. Kakoli Misra and Abhinav Mishra on padanth – were brilliant displays showing the different taals and
Abhay Ji’s mastery over Kathak shone through the performance and will easily be
remembered as one of the best Kathak recitals The Bhavan has seen in recent times.
The music, lights and the dancing prowess held the audience captive and made the event a grand success.
The Sunday event featured an opening act by upcoming dancer Abbeyrame Laveniya
Hariharan, senior disciple of resident Guru Sri Prakash Yadagudde. She performed with
grace and showcased her meticulous training and dedication to the artform. She started
with a Ganapati Stuti and followed with ‘Bho Shambho’ in Revathi Raga. She then
performed an Abhinaya piece on Lord Muruga and concluded with the Maand Thillana.
The main act by Smt. Srekala Bharath began with a Shadakshara Kauthvam, and followed
with a Swarajathi which was the centre piece of the evening. This was followed up by the
popular Devaranama ‘Jagadoddharana’ with live music, accompanied by Smt. Baby Sreeram on vocals, and Sri. M Balachandar on Mridangam, and Sri Balu Raguraman on Violin.
This was followed by an intense Ashtapadi showing the divine love and yearning of Radha
and Krishna (Jivatma merging with Paramatma).
Srekala Bharath concluded her recital with a devotional Abhang praising Lord Rama in
Ayodhya and Vitthala in Pandharpur.

The third week of the Summer school intensive will conclude with students’ performances
on Sat 5 and Sun 6 of August. Tickets are available to book on our website