TRIVENI - 3 Days of Triple Bills

Over two weekends of February 2023, The Bhavan, London hosted the very first instalment of a unique festival centred on the youth artists currently training at The Bhavan.
The Bhavan’s resident teachers in various subjects presented their disciples, showcasing the intensive training they receive in Indian Classical Art genres.
The festival took place on February 11, 12, and the 19th.

The first day saw students of Hindustani Vocal, Tabla, and Sitar. The second day showcased students of Karnatic vocal, Veena, and Karnatic Violin, and the final day saw a dance extravaganza featuring upcoming talents of Odissi, Kathak, and Bharatanatyam.
All three days proved to be successful, and the audience were thrilled with the quality of the performances. The students were grateful to have the opportunity to present their talents in an event which was specially curated for them.

Through this festival we aim to give a platform to our upcoming students who have already achieved a certain level of proficiency and are forging ahead in their path, and potentially enter the world of the performing arts as strong artists. We hope to host this festival every year and encourage and showcase the emerging talents of the Indian classical genres whom we proudly deem as the future torchbearers of our Arts.