Beginners Bharatanatyam

Have you always been enchanted by Indian classical dance and want to delve into it? Here is your chance! The Bhavan is offering a 10 week beginner’s course in Bharatanatyam by our resident Guru Sri. Prakash Yadagudde.

This course is open to all irrespective of whether you have trained before or not (minimum starting age is 8 and no maximum limit). This is also a great opportunity to get a taste of Bharatanatyam and the classes at Bhavan.

Whether you wish to pursue learning in our regular courses or just want to experience the dance style for a short time, this course is your answer.
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2Oth Jan – 24th Mar 2021

1 hr


Practical approach

Our training is designed to develop new skills in a practical approach. This means you can learn quickly and easily without any prior knowledge of this dance form.

First Steps

We'll introduce you to the very first Bharatanatyam steps so you can be dancing traditional forms from the very first class.


Music is a key components to Bharatanatyam and you will be dancing a selection of basic traditional rhythms patterns that are fundamental to the art.

Our students love our
approach to learning

"Guruji is known for going above and beyond to develop those with a genuine passion and love for Bharatanatyam. He not only teaches the nuances of the art form but also instils in his students the right values of an honest individual."

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Meet the instructor

Prakash Yadagudde

“My life’s purpose is to keep the fire of Bharatanatyam burning and to inspire dancers to take on its creative magic.”

In a career spanning more than 30 years, Guru Prakash Yadagudde has played a key role in the field of Bharatanatyam in the UK and taught over 500 dance students, some professionals in their own right today, including Nina Rajrani MBE, Subathra Subramanium, and Mayuri Boonham. As a choreographer, his productions communicate successfully and effectively with a diverse range of audiences.

A devoted teacher, many senior students recount his ability to foster their individuality while building their repertoire.
Patrick Jones - Course author