Flow into Freedom with Vena Ramphal

- Discover your spiritual beauty through Indian classical dance

*** This course is now closed ***

  • Has lockdown left you feeling stuck and frustrated? 
  • Do you want to reclaim your natural grace, passion and focus?
  • Do you long for a spiritual practice that engages body and emotions?
This unique online event will introduce you to the spiritual beauty that is the essence of Indian classical dance. You don’t need any previous experience of movement or Indian culture. 
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Dates & Times

Session 1: Sat 4 Sep 2021: 10:00 - 12:00
Session 2: Wed 8 Sep 2021: 19:00 - 20:00
Session 3: Sat 11 Sep 2021: 10:00 - 12:00

All times are UK BST

All Sessions will be conducted on ZOOM and will be recorded for replay.


Body Work

You will learn 5 movement sequences to explore the elements from the Indian Wisdom traditions: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ākāśa.  Embodying the elements gives you a new sense of physical mental and emotional vitality.

Breath Work

We'll focus on connecting movement to the breath, integrating your inner experience to your expressive self and developing a  greater joy in movement and in life.

Inner Work

You will learn a movement journaling technique that will help you capture the "Aha" moments of intuitive for the rational mind to perceive, review, and understand.

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Sitar - Sanjay Guha

A more beautiful way to meditate

The movement patterns we will learn draw on the 108 karanas of Indian dance. These scupltural forms contain the spiritual essence of Indian classical dance and Yoga and can be found in temples across India.

You will be guided to find your own personal expression of the movements and 
discover that grace is naturally available in your body.

A spiritual practice that includes the body and emotions

 What if meditation could be beautiful, graceful and sensory?

You will receive a gentle practice that allows you to 
flow into harmony at any moment in your daily life. Vena has developed this practice to provide a beautiful way to meditate: where you are centred in a state of calm while being fully engaged with the world around you. You will be able to integrate this into your daily life immediately. 
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Lesson series

5 Benefits of Completing this Course

Freedom of movement and expression can open up a pathway to:
  • Increased zest for life
  • Buoyant aliveness in body
  • Mental clarity
  • Emotional stability and relish
  • Spiritual acuity
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Other students who have studied with Vena

Something rather magical happened….
I literally felt a visceral shift in my body. It was as if something snapped inside me. Later in a dance session I felt an emotional release. No amount of thinking work or rationalisation could have unlocked that emotion, it was shut away deep within. I have carried that feeling of release to this day, seven years later.

Natalie, London
Following the workshop I felt more assertive and carefree, and like I'd made progress on
some personal issues.

Vena's caring and empowering presence enables an immediate freedom of expression, her work is liberating and like a breath of fresh air.  Thanks again.

Emily W, Visual Artist
I never knew I could move like that. Vena unlocked something in me that I sensed when I see her dance but I didn’t think I could do it. I have a totally new kind of confidence.

my hands! I can’t stop doing the mudras

Geraldine, London

Is this course for me?

  • This course is ideal for beginners and seasoned dancers, however you do not need any dance or movement training. 
  • Maybe you have seen Indian dancers and wanted to experience their grace and poise.
  • You are seeking to explore your inner practice and are happy to share what you discover in an informal setting.

Don't worry, we won't be:

  • Learning complex dance steps or rhythms
  • Making fast movements 
  • Stamping on the floor
  • Putting pressure on your knees
  • Performing on stage

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Meet the instructor

Vena Ramphal PhD.

Vena Ramphal is dance artist and wellbeing coach. She trained in classical Indian dance at the Bhavan, U.K., and in Chennai, India. She gained her PhD in Philosophy and Dance at SOAS, London University (2006). Vena is an accredited coach with Performance Coach Training and the Cultural Leadership Programme (2008).

Vena has performed internationally and at leading venues including The Linbury at the Royal Opera House, The Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadlers Wells. She has created dance for screen, including a commission from Channel 4, and choreographed for opera and theatre. Her dance performances are known for their spiritual quality.

Since 2008 she has coached and run workshops on personal and spiritual development. Vena brings movement and meditation into her work as a coach, helping people to achieve results more quickly and easily. Clients include celebrities, Olympic althetes, and business leaders from around the world.

Vena has a growing media profile and has been featured on Sky News, BBC radio, Elle, Cosmo, GQ and other media outlets.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Photo Credit: Ben Turner